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Why you should join a social club

By Gilbert Were

Have you joined any club? Make it your new year’s resolution.

Are you in any club? Maybe you don’t quite understand what I mean when I speak of joining a club.
Last Saturday I got the opportunity to join the Bamburi Rifle Club – Home of Team Coast.

This is a registered club that trains and competes in firearms target shooting competitions. As a guest member at the club, I was taken through the basic club rules and guidelines. Holding a gun and understanding the different types of guns in the market.
But Let me take you back to high school for a little bit. Do you remember the debate clubs, Young farmers clubs, Journalism clubs and even the scout and girl guide clubs? Well, clubs are basically an association of people who come together for common goals in order to create camaraderie, and networks that are intended to last a lifetime.
As you enter the real world, we find that there are business clubs, philanthropic clubs like the Rotaract clubs, political clubs, sports and recreational clubs and many more.
For instance, one of the famous business clubs in Kenya is the Muthaiga golf Club where it’s members are some of the wealthiest persons in Kenya and High profile Politicians like the former President Hon. Mwai Kibaki.
Rumor has it that most of the country’s political moves are made here. Its membership fee its more than Ksh 1Million. Other clubs which are very expensive are golf clubs and private gym clubs.
Mr. Hakim who is a member of BRG club says, the reason for expensive membership fee for this clubs is because of the wide network of people who one comes across may be very resourceful in helping one climb the business ladder in the country.
Those who spend to register in such clubs will attest that, oftentimes they are in position to secure good business deals through these networks or even discover growth in other aspects.
In your 2021 resolutions, I highly recommend you try find a club and Join. It just may be your pathway to networking so that your career or business may kick off and find that growth that you have been looking for.

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