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Sharing Is Caring

By Allan Kai

Kisauni Member of Parliament, Ali Mbogo, has in recent times come to the aid of some of his most vanarable constituents in light of the Covid 19 pandemic in Kenya.

Mbogo has been conducting regular food drives across the constituency which is by far the largest in Mombasa county. He has also been giving out sanitary products to help his constituents fight the corona virus.

Kisauni has seven wards; Bamburi, Mjambere, Mtopanga, Shanzu, Mwakirunge, Magogoni and Junda. All who’s major population live below the poverty line, surviving under a dollar a day.

A week ago, a woman in Junda made headlines when it was reported she had resorted to boiling stones just to trick her children to sleep hungry because she couldn’t work owing to the restrictions by the government.

The strict measures put up by the government have kept most of the breadwinners with no means of providing for their families.

Thanks to Mbogo who through his foundation, his friends and other well wishers, have been able to distribute food under the initiative dubbed ‘Sharing is Caring’.

The food drive has so far reached people in Mtopanga, Shanzu, Majaoni, Mishomoroni, Magogoni, parts of Mwakirunge and Junda.

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