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Reasons why men shouldn’t date in their 20s

By Eliazar Babu

It disturbs me when I hear the phrase “I have found the one” often from my male peers when they think they have found the “right” woman.

They think they found the woman they are supposed to spend the rest of their lives with. I mean, come on, you guys need to understand one thing.

Women are like city buses; there’s another one coming every 5-10 minutes. There is a surplus of women. There’s nothing too special about them either. All of them wear leggings, make up and they enjoy stringing you along wasting your time.

Let’s be honest, none of those relationships we have while in our 20’s ever lead to marriage.

My advice to my male peers, particularly guys in their 20’s, is get a passport and travel the world before you even think about settling down with anyone.

Young men in their 20s have not accomplished much of anything in life. You haven’t been anywhere, you haven’t travelled, you haven’t visited different countries and experienced different women.

You need to travel, get away and distance yourself. Try different things. As a friend of mine put it; “Do something that scares you”.

We men in our 20’s think that the women who show us attention are the women we are supposed to spend the rest of our lives with.

We stunt our growth when we deal with women in our 20’s. You’re not as creative as you think you are. You think that settling down and starting a family at the age of say 23, 25 or 27 is alright. That’s the worst thing you can do.

You don’t fulfill your full potential as a man. You are missing out on so many different opportunities. So many things you can invest in, so many things that you can try.

But with that woman in your 20’s. She’s going to want you to keep that same job. It might be at that company that you can’t really move up in because women want security. She’s stunting your growth. She’s making you miserable. She’s going to make you regret your life because once she hits 30, she will most likely leave you.

If you are in your 20’s and you are reading this, stay single. You have so much to gain and a lot to lose as well.

Men reach their peak in terms of sexual market value (SMV) when we hit about 40 years old. A woman’s sexual market value starts to drastically go down at the age of 25.

There’s a new woman who’s tuning 18 every single minute of the day. You’re not missing out on much.

When you are single, you spend your money at your time – the way you want to. However, no one expects you to have a ton of cash when in your 20’s.

This means that when you are in your 20’s as a man, women will get into relationships with you based on your confidence or alpha male characteristics.

Being in a relationship in your 20’s is very costly. You get a tunnel vison for that woman you think is the one. You got to buy gifts, take her to dates and the likes. You have to work on your career as well as support her. That is the worst mistake you will ever make.

In your 20’s, you should be free doing whatever you want to do. You haven’t reached your full potential. There’s no such thing as a soulmate, you’re missing out on a lot of experiences.

The same woman who gave you amazing sex and told you how handsome you are, forget her!

Truth is, there are dozens upon dozens of other women who will do the exact same thing if not better.

Us men get better as we age. So, the women who are rejecting you now, they will need you, when you get thirty.

When you get thirty, you will look far better physically. You will have more resources; you will have enough money and investments. Focus on your development in your 20’s; physically, mentally and financially.

Let her ride the carousel, let her sleep around because she’s living her best life in her 20’s and she’s hoping and praying that she’ll find a good quality man like you as you are working those late nights or 60-70 hours a week building a life for yourself. That woman is hoping to find a sucker. Hoping that you don’t know your value. Don’t settle for that.

There are so many things you can do but settle down with someone. If you want to be a fitness guru, an entrepreneur or to start a business; you can do that in your 20’s. When you are single, you can try whatever you want, make mistakes-you can stumble but then you are able to get back up because you rely on yourself.

Do you really want to spend your 20’s buying gifts for women? She won’t appreciate it. Hear me out, there is a 99% chance that if you get in a relationship with that woman in your 20’s, she will not be with you for the rest of your life. It will end, I guarantee you.

She might be infatuated with you in campus but then she’ll want to start a new life.

So, all of that work, all of that money you invested in her, all of that time and energy that you put into her; she can easily wipe her hands clean of you. The sacrifices won’t be worth it.

After those four years of being campus sweethearts, she can change her mind to say she wants to go a different direction. You missed out on a lot of other women on your campus. Besides, dating is a far cry from the picture our minds often paint. Stay single if you want to be happier in your 20’s.

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