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Queen Sono

Oh suzaaaanah, I hope you happy now, does that ring a bell? Probably yes and now the hit song by our very own Sautisol is probably playing in your mind. If you a diehard Sautisol fan you already know, their other popular song this year, Disco Matanga, which is a collabo with the colorful Sho Madjozi the John Cena Hit maker.

The Song Disco Matanga is one of the Theme songs to A south African Netflix production, Queen Sono. South African spy Queen Sono finds herself in a nefarious web of business and politics as she seeks to uncover the truth behind her mother’s death. That’s the short synopsis of the TV show you will find on their Netflix homepage.

The advantange of having your movie on Netflix is that everything is standardized and international so is the rating. Queen Sono’s rating on Tomatometer it at 90%. Another rating of 5.5/10 IMDb and 96% of the Netflix users have liked it. You will find several reviews on the internet on the TV both positive and negative but with very well argued points.

The good Thing about Queen sono, is that it sets the competition in the streaming platforms on its toes.DSTv has Showmax where they are ahead of Netflix in the African market because content produced by Multichoice still goes to Cable TV which is still Growing in the African market. In Nigeria IRokoTv is also ahead with Nolywood Production availing local content for streaming. Netflix entry Game in the African Market is at what entry level and they are still trying to figure out what works for the viewers and what doesn’t. Am sure if you are a Nolywood Lover you know of lionHeart a Nollyowod production in Collaboration with Local Nigerian Content producers. In Queen Sono, the cinematography and acting and dialogue flow is on the international level. Local Content Producers will have to level up if they want to remain relevant in this cinema field which is a good thing for both viewers and actors.

When it comes to themes, Spy theme has never gone wrong. Look at James Bond, every new franchise Makes More and More Money. So it’s no surprise That Netflix chose this proven formula with Queen Sono. However, the execution is wanting, especially in the themes The TV show decided to tackle. It takes on the cliché corruption which leads to civil wars in several African countries. The problem with the several themes they tackle is how shallow they go. There more to be tackled in these themes in a continent which is faced with all this different problems. Another challenge is the use of several languages to try and make the different viewers feel included, but it kind of makes it loose authenticity in the end.

The feel in the end Queen Sono gives you is Kickass new African vibe. But it also it’s also gives very much western vibe. It feels that Netflix is in what we would call an African viable product search. But so far so good, it’s a good start. As for Netflix , they should Do some more research, give more authentic feel to African content and probably develop a unique template for the African market, or segment tell the story locally capture local audience. So kill quarantine and enjoy Queen Sono.

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