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Principal destroys community basketball court

By Allan Kai

Mtopanga Finest basketball team based in Kisauni sub-county, Mombasa, on Thursday evening arrived to find parts of their court demolished on orders from Mtopanga Secondary school principal, David Kenyakanga.

The basketball team which has been training on the court, which was donated to them by the Hassan Joho Foundation, since 2011, is seeking answers as to on who’s authority the principal is undertaking such undue course of action.

One of the basketball rim posts which had been destroyed. Photo by: Kibwana Abdallah

Speaking to Gilitics Media on Saturday, Clement Mjawasi, member of the team’s management, explained how the team and surrounding institutions have had a cordial relationship over the years, with no incidents that would warrant such action by the principal.

“We have always worked with the schools, even offering coaching services to the school team”, he said, adding that “there has never been an issue of indiscipline, drugs or any other problem that could arise, and whenever something comes up we take it up with the schools and vice versa.”

The basketball court is located behind both Mtopanga primary and secondary schools, and has been under in the hands of the team for the past 9 years. The team has been maintaining the court, undertaking repairs and renovations from their own pockets, with some help from well wishers and the Kisauni CDF.

Mohammed (in Kanzu), Mwenda (center) and Mjawasi (right) when they visited the school on Friday to see the principal.
Photo by: Kibwana Abdallah

Efforts to get the principal to comment on the issue did not bear fruit as he stayed away from the premises on Friday, when the team members and media approached his office.

Mombasa Basketball Association chairman, Martin Mwenda, accompanied by Mombasa County sports officer Idd Mohammed, visited the school on Friday to hear the principal out, but to no avail.

“Let us follow the proper channels to get him to explain why he is demolishing the court. We shall draft a letter to the chief and copy the Deputy County Commissioner, to summon the principal so he could explain his motives” said Mwenda.

“It is quite unfortunate that a leader decides to destroy a community asset just because they think they can. Kisauni youth need avenues like sports to deter them from various ills plaguing the area and we assume that leaders like him should be at the forefront, instead they are taking us back” Mohammed said.

Notable basketball players who made their starts from playing on the said court include Dickson Aran of KPA and Collins Muliro who plays for Ulinzi Basketball team. With many more playing in division one and two.



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