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Pot of Stones To Gold for Junda Ward

By Allan Kai & Gilbert Were

Inua Mama Mashinani, Jenga Taifa Group Mombasa chapter led by their patron, Mama Stella Kemboi today visited the home of Penina Bahati Kitsao in Kisauni constituency to offer their support to her and her children after the heartbreaking story of her cooking stones for her children due to lack of food aired on TV.
They were accompanied by Kenya Red Cross Society led by chairman, Mahmoud Noor who brought housewares and food items to Kitsao, which came as donations from the county government and well-wishers from in and around Mombasa and were distributed among Kitsao’s neighbors as well.

Kemboi acknowledged that the airing of the story on national television last night didn’t sit well with her and her counterparts, prompting them to take the actions that they did.
“The story that we saw last night was so heartbreaking that we couldn’t even sleep, which caused us to come here early in the morning to visit this struggling mother and help her out with the little we could offer,” Kemboi said.
With assistance from the county government of Mombasa and the Kenya Red Cross, the group was able to distribute face masks as well. Kemboi reiterated that “Despite the unfortunate fact that people are having to deal with hunger and not being able to sustain themselves, we are still being faced by the Corona Virus Pandemic and we still have to adhere to the rules laid down by the experts to come out of this pandemic sooner rather than later.”
KRCS chairman, Mahmoud Noor said that “in light of the situation witnessed by us on the ground, the Kenya Red Cross will next week conduct a food drive which will seek to help about 3000 families around Junda ward.”
He acknowledged that Kitsao’s story was what influenced their decisions and they are looking forward to returning to Junda to offer more help.
Kitsao’s story went viral after it was reported that she resorted to cooking a pot of stones for her children as a ruse for them to believe dinner was getting ready just so they could stop fussing and fall asleep.
She continues to receive food donations from well-wishers who were touched by her story and in turn, her community has benefited as well.

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