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Political intrigue surrounding Mombasa ahead of the 2022 elections

Political intrigue surrounding Mombasa ahead of the 2022 elections

By Atrash Mohamed

By the beginning of the year 2021, top four most contenders who have publicly announced their bid for Mombasa top seat in the coming 2022 general elections include; Mvita MP Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir, former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar Hassan Sarai, businessman Suleiman Shahbal and Kisauni MP Ali Mbogo.

While it is still unclear for Mombasa residents on who will govern the county after Hon Ali Hassan Joho exits, the citizens still believe that the port city needs and deserves better out of devolution.

Several events have made Mombasa succession debate even more intriguing. In the last few months, Governor Joho has been seen profiling his presidential ambition under the ODM party. However, some see this as ‘joke from a professional comedian’ while others believe he is shooting for the stars but deep down, aiming for the moon.

As per the general county mood on who will succeed Joho, it would appear as none is a sure bet so far. However, it is also worthy to note that the citizens are seriously fed up with the current county affairs and leadership as a whole.

While the Mombasa governorship battle seems to be tough and competitive, the candidate who will quickly see the light at the end of the tunnel will be faced by deeper issues to address and tougher questions to answer.

In the last few weeks, political temperatures have been on the rise as the Kshs. 6 billion Buxton housing project commenced. The public-private partnership project which was at once criticized by all who are seeking the top county position, a section of Mombasa MPs and residents claimed the county illegally used the Public Private Partnership Act to confer a benefit over the use of the public land on a private firm, making the decision unlawful.

The flamboyant Mombasa governor has since reconciled with his former Jubilee party opponent Suleiman Shahbal and Kisauni MP Ali Mbogo of Wiper party while still enjoying ODM’s Mvita MP Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir support. Aspirants across the divide have separately embraced Joho with the hope that when the time comes, he will not campaign against them even if he fails to anoint them his successor.

Currently in Mombasa, a significant number of residents have noted the dominance of ODM in the region as being one of the most disastrous times of the region; characterized by bad governance, poor leadership and economic marginalization in local resources like the Kenya Ports Authority and maritime logistics to Naivasha.

The loss of ODM in Msambweni by-election to a Hustler Nation’s candidate has also been treated by many as the all-embracing wind of change in the Coastal region. The parliamentary contest was billed as a supremacy battle between ODM party leader Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto who backed the winning candidate.

Finally, for Mombasa to reclaim a good image, the residents must act and decide fairly during the elections. 

The voters must thus treat each and every political candidate fairly and justly on the ballot.

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