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Mothers’ Postnatal Care Etiquette

By Vodenyi Kivisi Hilary

I’ve had the privilege of being in labour wards as a care giver for expectant mothers and looking after them immediately after child birth and believe me, as common as pregnancy and child birth is, it is an absolute miracle.

There is a lot of information on how to care for pregnant women out there. What to do for them and what not to do. I think it is good information to have, very good actually. But I’m worried about the fact that only few people talk about how to care for a new mother.

Caring for mothers after child birth opened my eyes and I think we should have this discussion. This issue should be talked about more.

From my experience, I believe that a mother needs all the care, all the help and all the love she can get after delivery.

Many mothers suffer in maternity wards. Especially those that it’s not their first time giving birth. Nurses and even family members assume that they are experienced and this leaves them with very little care or none at all.

After childbirth, it is very important to help your loved ones heal their Mind, Body and Soul. Their hormones are imbalanced, their bodies change and become a cause for concern to them, they get less sleep than they usually do, and all these things take a toll on them.

Many new moms suffer postpartum depression, they go through it alone most times. Some are able to deal with it others are not. Some are not able to heal from the first one before the next baby comes along and it continues like that.

Women need extra love after childbirth. Please help their minds recover by reassuring them that they are beautiful. This is mostly for the men but also for everyone whose loved one is a new mom.

Please pay more attention to her, help her, if you are close to her, take the baby from her and let her get some extra sleep or rest, help her regain the willingness to dress up and put on makeup.

Some people get back to these things easily but for some, it requires extra effort.

I can tell you that it is so easy for a woman to lose her “groove” in the midst of all the busyness, pain and chaos going on in her mind after child birth.

When you’re going to visit a new mom, don’t just buy things for the baby, buy presents for the mother as well. For the Men, getting her a push present will help.

A little special something that you can afford.

Also when you visit a new mom, please know when to leave. Pay attention to her mood. Remember that she is on a healing journey.

Help them regain their bodies. Gifting gym outfits could serve as extra motivation to a woman who desires to get her body back. You can also offer to be their workout buddy.

Postpartum care is so important to women.

Help them relieve the stress in any way possible.

Let them rest, put in work to call back their souls to who they are.

Don’t allow them lose themselves completely trying to love on the baby and give care.

Child birth is different for every woman and most women are not even able to complain about these things for fear of being judged.

They cry silently and act all strong but deep down, they need HELP!

Dear new mom, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

You are a mom and they told you that moms are supposed to be strong, but you need help and support to build up that strength, if not, you will break without even knowing it.


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