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Mombasa welcomes back the Pwani Innovation Week

By Mercy Ndunda & Allan Kai
The Pwani Innovation Week 2022 kicked off today with Mombasa youth congregating at the Swahili Pot Hub for the four-day event.
Event coordinator Mahmoud Noor, took the chance to welcome young innovators from all over the country to share their innovations and ideas with likeminded individuals.
The event offers an opportunity for innovators to get mentorship and inspiration from the variety of tech-preneurs present at the event, through the panel discussions that have been prepared.
The official launch of the 5G technology shall take place during the official Launch of the event on Tuesday. “Despite the issues we may have heard about 5G, we shall be able to dispute them as we showcase the benefits of 5G technology,” said Noor.
Chairman of the Pwani Innovation Week, Mike Onyango reiterated Noor’s sentiments inviting everyone to come, enjoy and “explore in the world of technology.”
This is the only place where one can expose their ideas and learn from other people’s ideas.” He added.
The highlight of the event shall be the Pwani Got Talent event which will showcase different talents that will displayed by the youth of Mombasa.
This marks the third edition of the event, and the first one after the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020.



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