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Mombasa Motorists and Commuters Decry Traffic Flow Changes

By Allan Kai

Motorists and the Public Service Vehicle operators in Mombasa have expressed their displeasure at the implementation of the traffic flow change 2222, which came in to effect yesterday.

The County Gazetted ordinance affects traffic operations along the Abdallah Farsy Road to Abdel Nasir Road, Kenyatta Avenue to Saba Saba Road, Ronald Ngala Road and Buxton Junction.

County Executive in charge of Transport, Infrastructure and Public works, Hon. Taufiq Balala termed the new traffic regulations as a progressively economic development measure, making sure time spent in traffic jams would considerably lessen.

“We expect that all the public service vehicles will adhere to the set guidelines for the smooth flow of traffic, we have engaged all the relevant stakeholders and we will continue to sensitize them on the need to use the new routes,” said Balala.

The new changes however caught some motorist off guard. They had to maneuver through the city in utter confusion. A section of matatu operators even demonstrated asking for a stop to the route changes, claiming they were not involved in the decision-making process.

Some took to social media to express their annoyance at the traffic changes. With some people terming it “the first successfully failed project.” Claiming it is not too late to change back.

Motorist heading towards the Technical University of Mombasa and its environs from Nyali Bridge direction have been most affected with the traffic flow changes. They have a considerably longer route to navigate for them to reach their destination.

Commuters from Changamwe and its surrounding areas are also affected by this change. Those heading towards Mwembe Tayari have to alight at Makupa and walk all the way to their destination.

Motorists and commuters have decried that there ought to have been some kind of public participation and stakeholder engagement before the implementation, which would have made the transition seamless.

Other people have lauded the efforts by the County Executive, with former County Executive Hon. Munywoki Kyalo praising the efforts by Balala, telling detractors that “We must encourage and even support those who innovate and work hard to find solutions and encourage them to come back, again and again because that’s how Africa will develop.”

Mombasa resident Jimia Abdul Yusuf, expressed economic, environmental and social concerns with the changes. He cited the longer periods motorists have to be on the road, increase fuel consumption, and thus more carbon emissions. He also raised the issue of people having to walk long distances to reach their destinations as the county not being considerate about the average mwananchi.


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