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6 Years ago, a group of friends who were enthusiastic about photography came together with one thing in mind, ‘’taking photos,’’. We all saw the need to create a platform where we can showcase the beauty that the world has at large and especially the wealth and culture of the environs we live and work in.

About us

We are registered as a Community Based Organisation. The group consists of male and female of various ages, race, colour and religion, each with a different profession. In our midst, we have professionals in fields of Engineering, Law, I.T. Consultancy, Architects, Psychology, amongst others. Most of us had little or no knowledge of DSLR cameras and the creativity of such a modern and digital tool, when combined with mind full thinking will produce world class photos. Almost all of us started with either smart phones or pocket cameras as the main tool for taking photos and used the social media as a means of showcasing our capabilities, while learning and improving in the process.

Since we are a group of different talents, we embarked on various assignments, which include:

Interior Deco Photography

  • Hotel

Wedding Coverage

Campaign Trails

Music Concerts

Corporate Functions

  • Product Launch
  • Modelling
  • Magazine Photos

Rotary Inductions (RC Mombasa and RC Diani)

Rotary Convention (Naivasha)


  • Solo (single)
  • Family
  • Senior Management Profiles


  • Motor Sport
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Triathlon

Through the diverse social media and support from friends and photography gurus we managed to upgrade our skills and learnt quite a lot about photography skills. We understood the camera and learned new tricks on how to become better in the trade. The knowledge gained helped members advance in photography by upgrading skills and enabled us move from taking photos using phones and pocket cameras to entry level DSLRs and later on to professional cameras.

A smaller group was formed to empower other enthusiastic photographers and have witnessed them grow from novices to high skilled personnel in the industry. A need was seen to encourage young boys and girls in the teenage years to be introduced and empowered in photography. A project was started to empower youngsters with knowledge and skills. Again, with a lot of challenges like lack of professional gear (amongst others) we still managed to produce one of the best under 16 photographer and he competes with the professionals in the trade.

Monthly trips are organised to visit various areas in the coast to promote the touristic destinations, restaurants, wildlife and other spots. Through our photography we have seen great responses of the areas we have visited after showcasing the photos we take on social media. To name a few;

  • Gede Ruins – Malindi
  • Jumba Ruins – Mtwapa
  • Takaungu – Kilifi
  • Boat Yard – Kilifi
  • Shimba Hills – Kwale
  • Tsunza – Kwale
  • Wasini – Diani
  • Mida Creek – Watamu
  • Kirepwe Island – Watamu
  •  Tsavo East National Park
  • Takaungu Village

More trips are planned and we shall keep travelling, exploring and capturing moments.

In 2014, after few weeks of formation, Mombasa Lenses was approached by the Mombasa County Government to produce a documentary for the curtain raiser at the Mombasa International Cultural Festival to be displayed at Fort Jesus. We were to capture pictures of the diverse culture of Mombasa, and its people for a short 15-minute video. Though this was short notice and with a tight schedule including many other challenges, we managed to deliver the project in good time. This was the first ever photo/video documentary to be showcased at the Grand opening ceremony of the event which was commissioned by H.E. The Governor of Mombasa and accompanied by the Mvita Member of Parliament amongst other prominent guests. It was a big success considering we were a team of amatures providing a world class presentation with minimum support from the organisers of the event.

We also have our own CSR which takes place at least annually. With time we streamlined our CSR and decided to sign a lifetime agreement with Charity events for Rotary Club of Mombasa as their official photographers. We continue to give back to the community by teaching young boys and girls about photography and collecting foodstuff and clothes for the less fortunate when we visit areas that need assistance.

Mombasa lenses embarked on a few CSR activities. To mention a few

  • Port Reitz for the Physically Challenged
  • Mombasa Yetu community-based organisation
  • Rotary Club of Mombasa – Charity Events
  • Dear Diary Initiative (DDI)
  • Partnered with Mombasa Sports Club, Football Section CSR activities

One of our photograph that showed a lady footballer in Mombasa with a single arm, was used to write a story and got featured in the BBC.

Members have seen that their photography skills may earn them more than their daytime jobs. The need to do galleries was seen and we started to print our photos on canvas and other suitable print media as per customer requirements.

We have participated in various galleries and sold framed copies of the photos.

Mombasa Lenses was started out of a passion for photography and it is the same passion that has enabled us to grow and reach out to many others with similar passion across the globe. We now hope to inspire more photographers as we continue on our journey.

Delivering customised solutions and satisfying the customer needs, is what we promise.

We are reachable on social media at: –

Hashtag used #MombasaLenses

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