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Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” Book Tour Film

By Johnson Mwangangi

If you are an avid book reader, you probably came across Michelle Obama’s book, “Becoming”. You may as well be fond of the traditional book tours and book signings that accompany the launch of new books. Well even if you haven’t come across Michelle’s book, or you don’t like reading books, then don’t feel left out because Netflix in association with Barack and Michelle Obama have signed a deal to turn the book tour into a documentary.
It’s not a full documentary. Netflix follows Michelle around as she promotes the book all around America and for those that have read the book, it’s a chance to hear her talk first hand about her experiences as a first lady and after.
The production of the documentary has been handled by award-winning production company Higher Grounds Production which is run by the Obamas and is responsible for creating content for Netflix, Spotify, and other streaming and podcast channels.
In addition to being directed by award-winning cinematographer and filmmaker Nadia Hallgren, the film had broad access to Michelle Obama who also contributed to the creation of the film.
The film comes in the aftermath of the success of “American Factory” which was a principal film from Higher Ground Productions, which won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature. Therefore, Becoming is a worthwhile film to watch.
The release announcement was accompanied by a letter from Michelle Obama, where she says this wasn’t only a standard book visit. She says, “In bunches enormous and little, youthful and old, novel and joined together, we met up and shared stories, occupying those spaces with our delights, stresses, and dreams.” This brings out the mood of the documentary.
If you have been following Obama’s since the Presidency, you realize that they know how to treat people especially when cameras are around. So prepare your Netflix accounts and be ready for an Obama-styled entertainment experience.
Netflix and Higher Ground just declared work on the film in April, with the release date targeted for May 6.


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