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Lights off Happy Earth Day

By Eugene Ambaka

April 22, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day which was started in order to celebrate the Planet Earth, most affectionately referred to as Mother Earth.

The purpose for having this day was to promote conservation, preservation and restoration of ecosystems which are key in maintaining biodiversity of the earth and ultimately for us to receive a myriad of benefits from maintaining the earth.

The COVID-19 pandemic still ways in which we can help preserve the earth from the safety of your home therefore achieving a cleaner, greener and safer environment for the present and future.

For instance, turn off lights and electronics devices when not in use and utilize natural lighting round the home during the day. Also you should replace inefficient incandescent light bulbs with the more efficient CFLs or LEDs, which reduces your carbon footprint by 450pounds a year.

When it comes to water consumption and conservation, it is advisable to take shorter showers and/or use a water saving shower head. For your lawns/farms irrigation should be done early in the morning or late in the evening so as to reduce water loss via evaporation and transpiration. It is advisable to wash your clothes only when necessary by using cold water and line dry instead of using a washing machine.

For sustainable agricultural practices, organic backyard gardens are a great way of food production with a small carbon footprint for the earth and we should reduce meat consumption so as to cut down on livestock carbon emissions in the form of methane. Instead of throwing the away, composting of biodegradable kitchen scraps is a good idea which provides manure for use in your garden.

Recycling of plastic water bottles is also a great way to keep mother nature safe therefore we should avoid single use of plastic products and carry reusable bags when you go shopping.

To save trees, we should minimize the dependency on paper. Read documents online instead of printing them, collect used printer, fax and copier cartridges for recycling. Set your office printer to print on both sides.

Recycle paper, plastics and glass this reduces your garbage by 10% and your carbon footprint by 1,200 pounds a year.

Donate your old clothes and home goods instead of throwing them away and consider buying second hand items (ensure they’re safe). Use environmentally friendly and non- toxic substances. Plant trees to increase carbon sink pools.

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