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Kenyans Will Decide; Ali Tells Government

By Allan Kai

Nyali Member of Parliament, Hon. Mohammed Ali alias Jicho Pevu today voiced his frustrations over the succession battles that have ruled the country’s political atmosphere in recent times, which have caused a major rift in the ruling Jubilee Party.

Ali called out the country’s top political big wigs for ignoring the struggles and issues that are currently plaguing the common mwananchi such as the floods disaster, loss of jobs, loss of homes and even downplaying the severity of the global Covid 19 pandemic.

“I would like to say that the government is moving in the wrong direction, we should not be busy sitting in the boardrooms and planning who should be the next president of the republic of Kenya, that mandate should be left to the good people of the republic of Kenya” he said.

He was speaking at his constituency headquarters in Kongowea where he was handing out relief food and essential commodities to the Kenya Redcross Society for distribution to some of his most vulnerable constituents facing hardships in the wake of the Corona Virus pandemic.

As one of the strongest allies to the Deputy President, William Ruto, the MP came out categorically in support of Ruto stating that the purge being done to his friend will not affect the trajectory of the Deputy President’s ambitions and that the people are the only ones that will have the last word come 2022 General Elections.

Ali told the orchestrators of the purge to “bring all the shenanigans, but the people are waiting for you. Whatever that you are doing to William Ruto will be done to you. What goes around comes around.” He went on to say that the government has misplaced priorities mentioning that “how do you proceed with BBI and referendum matters while people are going hungry, without a place to stay and losing their jobs?”


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