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Your Views on George Floyd Murder and #BlacklivesMatter Movement

George Floyd By

Gilbert Were

I can’t Breathe – George Floyd’s last Words.

George Floyd, an African-American man, was killed in the Powderhorn community of Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25,2020. While Floyd was handcuffed and lying face down on a city street during an arrest, Mr Derek Chauvin, a white American Minneapolis police officer, kept his knee on the right side of Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

Floyd’s arrest was made after he was accused of using a counterfeit $20 bill at a supermarket. The killing of George Floyd has sprung a global movement against police brutality, inequality and racism. Earlier in June on a Tuesday morning, dozens of people gathered outside the US embassy in Nairobi to protest over the death of Floyd at the hands of those who are apparently sworn to protect and serve.

“George Floyd was murdered by a police officer empowered by the government you serve, who acted with the knowledge that the system will protect his actions and condemn Floyd.” a letter to the embassy stated. “This perpetuates the narrative that a black body is a threat and its destruction is not only understood, but expected,” the statement read.

Here are some of the reactions from my friends in regards to racism and what happened in US.

Mohamed Hussein (Husny)

“I see Muslims posting Pictures of George Floyd claiming for No Racism and Justice. But let someone look like George Floyd with that same skin Colour and comes to ask for your Daughter.

Wallhy you are same people who will racist him, stop this drama,  Sometimes Muslims are the biggest Racist, How hypocritical

Were Fredrick

“Racial discrimination should be a thing of the past as we say all human beings are equal n deserve equal treatment”

“The black man will never be free unless they can walk anywhere in the world and not be judged based on their skin color and race.” Gabby gee

“The treatment received by George is indeed one that has to raise eye brows for the negatives with Racialism being the strongest point of our argument and I totally agree because racial discrimination should be a thing of the past but here comes a case of seeing a speck in someone’s eye and ignoring the log in our own eyes.

I ask how many times have we cheered and backed our police service just because they are being rough on the “other tribe”?

How many times have we condemned the police just because they have arrested “mtu wetu” when they are being taken for questioning  whatever they did?

How many times as the citizen been the first to offer the Police “tumalize hii hapa alafuende” kind of statement just to bribe your way out then label the police as heartless corrupt extortionists in the civil service?

Just to mention but a few of our cultural political religious social and economic inadequacies;my point is we are rushing to accuse the white police of their inadequacies yet we are forgetting our own citizen promoted police inadequacies which is rotten to the core.

Let’s shape our police force first by being of integrable character as citizens of the Kenyan Republic then we shall posses our own moral yardstick to point at the racial treatment of our brothers abroad.


I said it earlier and I repeat I am totally against what Happened to George Floyd   as a human being because everyone is a someone else even you but the Inadequacies of my  own police service makes it difficult to point fingers.

Ngala_ Owino,

“Black people in the USA have suffered way to long and trust me it’s never ending soon…am dreaming of that day black people people will came back to Africa unite and become super power.They will never make it on their own.they need us more, we had a dream, strong culture and tradition that they first made sure they destroyed. Even Obama was president but they made sure he had to follow protocol and now they are reversing his gains #Black people should come back to their native land….



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