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Just Because The Clock Ticked And The Date Changed Doesn’t Mean Good Things Are Coming Your Way

Just Because The Clock Ticked And The Date Changed Doesn’t Mean Good Things Are Coming Your Way

By Eliazar Babu


I know, in January, we always hear things like:

“This is your year of restoration.”

“You’ll get unimaginable breakthrough this year.”

“2021 is the year you’ve been waiting for.”

…and the list goes on.

What these people are telling you is that just because the clock ticked and the date changed, you’ll automatically get good things coming your way.

Listen! In 2019 January, I heard all sorts of things…that it would somehow be the best year ever. I woke up in January 2019 living in a bedsitter and owning a brand new HP laptop. But by September of the same year, I was in a dingy hostel, bereaved and without my laptop. My studies suffered too; I accumulated a few supplementary exams (sups). All within a few months.

My point is, You DO NOT suddenly get ABUNDANCE just because the clock ticked and a date changed on the calendar. But you can succeed. Oh, yes you can. You can actually have a great year ahead.

Here’s exactly how you do it:

1. Fix your habits

I want us to be very real here. Let’s go really deep. Like me, you probably want this to be your year of restoration, abundance, etc. But seriously, do your habits match this goal?

I must admit I need to improve as well, I’m actually taking everything up a notch right now as we speak. I guess you need to improve as well. Focus on the right habits for success. These include:

– Decide on a set number of work hours that you must work every day. Yes, especially if you are a freelancer or you own a business. You need to be strict about this. Productivity is key.

– Actively avoid distractions (even if you’ll have to get off social media or stop your Netflix subscription for a while).

– Save a lot to ensure you don’t get into a financial mess. Also learn how to grow your money. Read good books on these things.

– Do whatever it takes to stay healthy and and physically fit.

– Keep working actively, even when you don’t feel motivated (don’t let your life be defined by motivation).

2. Fix your thoughts

It’s crazy right now. We have so many distractions around us. How do you remain creative and productive in 2021? Always keep your brain in check. How?

– Read at least a book a month. If possible, a book a week. Books sharpen your mind and make you an idea bank.

– When able to, take courses to sharpen your skill. The world is rapidly changing and new skills are o demand. To keep up with these demands, take a course. This comes in handy especially for freelance writers like myself.

– Avoid laziness and procrastination. These can make you poor and keep you there. Once again, keep taking action, even when you don’t feel motivated. Unfortunately, this is one of many people’s weakest points.

– Set goals and strive to achieve them early.

3. Focus on the truth

Is it just me? It looks like deception is increasing at a massive scale, right? Think about it.

For example, there’s doubt all over about elections, policies, religion, families, social networks…name it. Feels like everybody is doubting or deceiving everybody. At such times, it’s important to find the truth and focus on it.


2021 can be a great year for you. To get to greatness, fix your thoughts, fix your habits, and focus on the truth.



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