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Is Noor the next Abbas Gullet?

As board Chair of the Kenya Redcross, Mombasa, as Chief Patron of The Swahili Pot Hub, Mombasa and a Philanthropist dedicated to supporting youth initiatives in Mombasa; Mahmoud Noor is the epitome of what a leader is.

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak in Kenya, Noor has been in the frontline to assist in his capacity as Redcross Chair, coming to the aid of many Kenyans who were stranded at the Likoni Ferry after being harrased by the Kenya Police earlier this week.

Apart from that, he has been vocal about taking precaution against further spread of the Corona virus, carrying out sinsitisation campaingns to educate people of Mombasa on the importance of maintaining good personal hygine.

A champion of the youth and an exemplary example of leading by action. Could he just be what Mombasa needed all along?

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