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Hang On To Hope

By Vodenyi Hilary Kivisi

A friend wrote me this morning and moaned about how all her plans and efforts this year have been halted by the Corona Virus pandemic. I felt her pain, I really did.

My friend’s son and millions of other children in Kenya would have been writing their KCPE/KCSE, but it isn’t going to happen. All their studying, preparation and everything put on hold by this Corona Virus pandemic. It hurts, it really does.

Some of you might have lost your jobs, or been sent on leave without pay. You don’t know when or how this will end. You had plans for this year, big ideas you dreamt of and worked hard towards. You hoped that by the first quarter you would have achieved few things. This is May, we are already in the second quarter and nothing has happened yet. It hurts, it really does.

I was walking down the road and saw a couple of churches in my neighborhood closed. Posters of programs scheduled for March and April were there that didn’t happen, It hurts. All the preparation and prayers and fasting for those programs gone. No one knows whether those doors will be opened again.

I don’t know your story, it doesn’t matter because you are not alone. We are all in this together. One thing I have to offer you is HOPE! I know you have faith, I know you are a believer, but, add HOPE to your faith. Keep the hope alive and know this too shall pass.

Hang on to Life and keep the Hope alive. At this point in time, life is all that matters.

You will still get those things if you hang on to life and hope. You will still travel if you hang on to life and hope. You will still Wed if you hang on to life and hope. No matter what you’ve lost, hang on to hope and you will recover. You have to be alive first before anything else.

I’ve never felt so bad in the past half decade of my adult life than I have felt in the last two months. People living in fear, living in panic and wondering what happens next.

But, We have hope, we have life and we will see off this evil killer.

We will recover all.

We will smile at last.

We will share testimonies of survival.

We will be strong again.

Hope will conquer fear.

We will be back again.

If there’s any time to hang on to life and hope, it is now. Keep that hope alive and you will see this through. I have full confidence that we will pull through. Stay strong, no one was prepared for a time like this. But, this is a time to prove how we can trust in God. He will see us through this. I might not know when or how, but, we are coming out of this.

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