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Government land surveyors chased out of Mwakirunge

Surveyor chased

By Allan Kai

Residents of Dingirikani area of Mwakirunge ward, Kisauni Sub-county on Friday chased away Lands and Physical Planning officers accusing them of wanting to subdivide their land with ulterior motives.
As part of a settlement scheme which seeks to have the alleged squatters receive title deeds, residents have cried foul in the manner in which the ministry representatives have chosen to conduct the process.
Speaking to Gilitics Media, the settlement scheme committee chairman, Laurence Katana, claimed that the officers were going about the process in a manner that they had not agreed.
Area elder Emmanuel Ndoro insisted that the process agreed upon be followed and that public participation be done as is required by law.
“We had a meeting where the committee were selected, we were given some education of how the subdivision process would be done. We agreed that sensitization would be done to the people living here and a baraza would be called in 14 days where public participation would be done before the ministry people begin their work” said Ndoro.

Gingirikani settlement scheme residents chasing away lands ministry surveyors on Friday. Photo: Gilbert Were

He added that “today they came to do the picking process, something we had agreed would be done after the perimeter of the land had need determined, therefore we feel like they have come to ambush us and go about the process in a forceful manner which we fear they may swindle us of what is rightfully ours.”
The ministry delegation refused to comment on why they hastened to carryout the picking process given that they had discussed with the selected committee on a way forward, only to seemingly go back on it.
“We learned from previous schemes where anomalies were witnessed in how the title deeds were awarded. Two or more families were awarded the same piece of land in some cases the allotment was irregular” ….. said “we do not want a repeat of the same in Dingirikani, so all we ask is the process be done systematically” he added.
The residents who had gathered in solidarity shouted chants of protest and demanded that the officials to go back and only come back when the public participation is done so that all their grievances may be considered before the subdivision is done.
With the President, Uhuru Kenyatta having promised to issue title deeds to the coastal people who have over the years faced land injustices, Kenyans at the coast still fear the unscrupulous subdivision of their land which leaves them fighting over boundaries and ownership.

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