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Fonts and images could be costing you business on your website.

By Johnson Mwangangi

Yes, the fonts and images you use on your website are very crucial when it comes to your business or professional website. 83% of what humans learn is obtained through visual cues. This means every visual you use on your website, and even social media can teach your customers what your business is about. It’s a sort of dress to impress kind of thing.

When I talk of best fonts and images, I don’t necessarily infer to official fonts and images. Your target audience or customer is the determinant. There is an age group that will go for funky and will respond to italicized fonts while another will respond to the official fonts. So from the start you have to be clear on who your target customer is.

That being said here are few things you need to observe while publishing images and content on your website or even social media accounts. You should choose clear, high resolution and relevant photos that capture your service or product. You can enlist the services of a professional photographer, or if you trust your smartphone have a go at it. This is important because when people visit your website they are likely to zoom in on the photos to get a closer look of the product or the service depicted.

If your website is more service inclined, make sure you choose your design wisely with colors that are appealing to your clients and use realistic photos that your customers can relate with. Don’t fall into the temptation of downloading perfect pictures from the internet and using them on your site. The customers are smart and they can tell. So try to connect with them by showing the human side of the company by including a photo of you or your team in the about us section. You could also supplement your services with testimonials from previous clients.

If you are out of options and have to source your images from the internet, make sure you go for realistic photos that don’t come across as fake. You could also use sites like Getty images and Pexels where you can buy photos or get royalty free photos. When downloading a picture from the internet, make sure you consider the size. Many large sized photos will increase the loading time of your website, and small sized photos will mess with the appearance of your website. So find the balance, whether you are enlisting the services of a professional or you’re designing your own website.

For the best experience for your customers, take it from me, get the best images and fonts for your website.

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