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Do You Know What The Future Holds?

By Michael Masinde

It was a Sunday, more than a decade ago. The day I started packing and preparing to embark on my journey to the future, career wise.

It seems just like yesterday. I had big dreams and a clean shaven big head on my shoulders. I was happier then – I’d love to think of it that way. I laughed a lot. I never used to think a lot. Good food was what mattered to me most. I only had on a pair of dark blue jeans. I will never forget that day.

My father, a retired teacher, summoned me to his hallowed room and read me the riot act. He stated in clear terms how I should behave myself while away from home. He gave me a long list of do’s and don’ts. I was beside myself with happiness. Honestly, I can only remember three things he told me.

After attending my first media classes I got to make friends some of whom we keep in touch to date. We did things and undid them. You know the things I’m talking about (wink). We planned together. We studied together. We ate together. Everyday. In a flash, our life together ended when we all went our different ways searching for industrial attachments in various firms countrywide.

Then, one last meeting. Our plans had started to actualise. We talked about what were going to do. We talked about our future, jobs, marriages and children.

Fast-forward. I am here seated alone still thinking about my future. Thinking about the future of my classmates. Strands of grey hair sprouting uncontrollably. Is this wisdom?

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