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Digital Campaign Strategies for 2022 Political seat


Digital Campaign Strategies

By Gilbert Were

If you an aspiring “Mheshimwa” for any political seat, consider this digital marketing strategy.

As the electioneering year 2022 is fast approaching, a lot of political realignments are happening. It is at this time when politicians choose the best team to join for their re-election and introduction of new political aspirants and candidates.

Winning an election comes with proper planning and strategy, those who have won or lost elections in the past will agree that a lot of mathematics goes is implemented, despite having a name and a development track record. 

Campaigning or marketing yourself is very key in politics. Digital campaigns are one of the tools that are currently being used worldwide. Former Nairobi Governor Hon. Mike Sonko, I presume was the pioneer of digital campaigning in Kenya. He is one of those waheshimiwas who mastered the art of online presence which worked for him on all the elections he has participated from being elected MP Makadara to senator and eventually Nairobi Governor. 

So you may ask, “What is Digital campaigning all about?” It is quite simple if you look at it. Basically, running your campaign on digital platforms and target the desired audience. This is done by pushing your ideologies, manifesto and even showcasing your truck record through platforms such as TV, Radio, online newsletters, Social media accounts etc. 

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been the common platforms used worldwide due of their wide reach and at little to no cost, compared to traditional broadcast media who charge relatively expensive. 

Some advice for an aspiring Mheshimwa;

  1. Make sure that you are easily available on all social media platforms within your reach. Create a Facebook page, a Twitter account, WhatsApp group and an Instagram account. 
  2. Make sure your profile is well written and good description of who you are and your aspirations put out clearly. 
  3. Your Profile pictures should be of the best quality, get a professional photographer to take good photos that will sell you out. (some of us, get attracted to beautiful people we see online) 
  4. Be creative with the content that you post or share on your platforms. 
  5. Regular posting and sharing attracts followers daily 
  6. Publicity is very important, so posting any activity you attend to or get invited to is very important. Those small groups you visit, those small contributions you make publish them. 

Nowadays, we believe in seeing more so than hearsay. 

  1. Have a social media team, not less than 10 persons, who will also be sharing your content alongside what you post. 
  2. Create a WhatsApp group and broadcast list that will have people who believe in your dream and vision. Start with your close relatives and friends then later General public. 
  3. As elections comes closer, print Digital posters that are well graphic, A2, A3, and A4 size. 
  4. Have a digital banner at strategic positions in your social media accounts.
  5. Very important have a tag line that will speak for you e.g., Maendeleo Kwanza, Kazi ni Kazi, Elimu Bora etc. 

Finally, be honest, trustworthy, humble and quick to listen. Sell out your vision clearly. Be confident and courageous in order to overcome all obstacles.

This is just a digital marketing strategy, for another winning strategy, reach out to me via email And will share more strategies with you. 


All the best Mheshimwa.

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