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DAYO holds the Kisauni Peace and Security Summit DAYO holds the Kisauni Peace and Security Summit

Dayo Performance

By Allan Kai

Dream Achievers Youth Organization (DAYO) today held a peace and security summit at the Bamburi Primary school hall, which was attended by various stakeholders in the areas of security, business, and economic empowerment, integration and reforms, creative arts, and social skills development.

Dayo Performance

Representatives from local banks and businesses within Kisauni, as well as those from the security sector, led by sub-county DCC Jamleck Mbuba, were present at the summit.


The guests sat on different panels where they discussed how to economically empower the youth and how to encourage them o focus on their financial well being as a way to deter them from crime and drug abuse, issues that have plagued the area for years.

The event was organized in order to engage with young people in Kisauni who are prone to violent extremism and gang affiliation, in hopes to offer them alternatives that would help them be productive in the community.

DAYO director, Seif Jira said that the summit’s objective is to help promote peace and security by offering advice on skills and business ideas in hopes to sway the youth against violent extremism and gangs.

“We have brought these young people here who have been affected by matters of security in one way or the other, economic dis-empowerment,  effects of the covid-19 pandemic among other challenges, to discuss how we can assist them in overcoming them,” said Jira.

DCC Duba said that functions like these are important in that they help make the work of the security apparatus easier. 

“Having these kinds of interactions with the panelists gives the youth hope and inspiration. Speaking with bank leaders and businessmen who have excelled in their respective fields is a great thing for the youth” said Duba, adding that “the youth need to take advantage of the many opportunities the government has put in place to empower them,” pointing out that the Uwezo fund representatives present at the event will help guide them in that regard.

DAYO has been in existence for the past 15 years and has been involved in matters affecting the well being of the youth by empowering them economically

to help them become persons of value in the community.


The organization has been at the forefront of decriminalization of youth in Mombasa, with a lot of success stories, some of whom were present at the event.

One such example is Juma Omar, who admittedly has been on the wrong side of the law on many occasions even being a hard-core member of a criminal gang in Kisauni. He credits Jira and his organization for helping him reform and offering him a better alternative in life.

“DAYO to me is like my mother and father. they have put in a lot of effort to help bring me out from a very dark place in my life and have given me hope for the future” said Omar.

With the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, criminal gangs activity seem to have gone down, a fact that the DCC has claimed to have some credit given to organizations like DAYO, which have taken the initiative to reach out to the youth at the grassroots level so as to reduce the criminal activity within the



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