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What COVID-19 has taught us about relationships

By Sharon Wangui

Covid has forced us to stay away from each other and we have started to realize just how important human interaction is to us.

During the lockdown, Kenyans were going out of their way to break rules just to visit family. With the realization that this menace is like the grim reaper, with whom it’s almost impossible to bargain with, most people have learned to sieve those they call friends.

Your drinking buddies may be just that. You’re only in sync with a drink! Now that for the while its illegal, they remain only as shadows in our memories.

The people who have stayed are our parents, children, siblings and those true friends who aren’t only around when its sunny. Not forgetting our mama mboga who now is a huge part of our lives now that nyama choma is a luxury.

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To couples who shared nothing more than a bed, love that mate. It is time to salvage your partnership. Go for walks, and cook together. Visit the place you first met, unless it was a night-club; well then I can’t quite help. Work to rekindle that love, because I doubt life is giving anyone a second chance after this.

To parents who for the last couple of months have been waking up to alien sounds of creatures called children. They were always away at school for the most part, and tranquility prevailed. Now they’re eating everything in their vicinity, breaking anything in their way and making more noise trying to fill the vacuum their friends at school left.

This is a period to rediscover our children who evolve while away at school. It is time to appreciate the tantrums teachers have to deal with, the raging storms of hormones stirring in our adolescents.

To young people my age whose only freedom was being away at school. Whose only source of income was their parents’ already dented pockets, you are not alone. Innovation will be the only answer for now, unless you’re okay with being broke as we wait on student loans due when? In a month?

I sincerely hope that valuing each other is not just a pass time as the covid cloud passes. Let’s take lessons now. Know who is really in your corner. Mend those broken relationships and heal those wounds you’ve been licking.







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