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Anglican Church calls for decorum among politicians as campaigns heat up

By Mercy Ndunda

The Anglican Church led by Arch Bishop Jackson Ole Sapit have urged politicians to tone down their emotions as they campaign for electoral seats in this years general elections.

Ole Sapit specifically called out President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deput President William Ruto and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, as they carryout their campaigns in various parts of the country.

The Arch Bishop spoke during a press briefing held after attending their annual retreat at the ACK House of Bishops in Likoni, Mombasa county, where he echoed the sentiments of the 42 other bishops in attendance from all over the country.

The clergy men also called upon the president and his office to make necessary sacrifices and rise above partisan politics to ensure elections are conducted with dignity and decorum.

“We continue to urge IEBC to make adequate preparations to ensure results are widely accepted in order to save the country from prolonged elections,” said Ole Sapit.

The leaders did not only suggest but also gave strategies on how to ensure peace is attained come August 9th.

“To do this, the House of Bishops has suggested a multi-sectoral monthly reporting system from the IEBC on state of preparedness and cooperation with other commissions to curb bribery and corruption.” Added Ole Sapit.

Earlier, church leaders were accused of being reluctant when it came to keeping political leaders in check.  The church has among its main roles the mandate of being a critical pillar in progress and development of the nation.

The  church leaders asked citizens to take individual responsibility to keep peace, and choose to live peacefully with their neighbors.

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