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A Nice Ring To It, Pete

By Johnson Mwangangi

Over the years, we have seen some very notable Kenyan coastal- themed television series. They span a range of content from love, drama, intrigue and other general soap-opera like themes. Then, enter Pete, a local production that has taken the local TV series’ scene by storm.

Pete takes on a theme that local TV shows haven’t tackled before. It takes on a traditional concept and is set in a post-colonial era, where the people have adopted a modern way of living but maintain a traditional way of leadership.The island king in the realm where the show is based upon is chosen by the god’s “Midzimu”, “Wangwana”, names traditionally used by the Mijikenda and Waswahili people to refer to spirits and wise men.

Now in its third season, Pete is directed by Daudi Anguka, an award winning African movie director. It is scripted by Yususf Dalu and acted by some of the most phenomenal and talented actors both veteran and emerging who blend together to bring and tell a unique, untold story of the coastal people. The quality acting is complimented by the high quality editing and cinematography capped off with some magnificent aerial shots of the Indian ocean and some of the most scenic ecosystems in East Africa.

The show tackles modern themes on leadership despite being based in a traditional leadership set up. The first season began with the death of the patriarchal leader which left two brothers at the mercy of the gods to decide who would be leader. The people’s choice: the younger brother doesn’t get chosen and it spirals into an interesting cat and mouse game, making the season very interesting. In season two there is an attempted coup by the smaller brother and people wake up to calls of revolution and change. Season 3 is likely to introduce inter-Island wars as towards the end of season two, the king’s wife who is pregnant at the time is kidnapped by another island’s king. The pressure will mount further for the current king Bura as people are still calling for revolution despite his current pressure to find his missing wife.

The series is an awesome one if you love culture and tradition. Also, the talented actors will keep you entertained throughout the whole story. The show is currently airs on Maisha Magic and Maisha Magic Plus and on the web platform owned by Multichoice, Showmax. The show is intended for a Swahili audience but comes with subtitles on the online platform. Be sure to enjoy it if you check it out.

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