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A glimmer of hope for Sidi Mleka as World AIDS day is marked

A glimmer of hope for Sidi Mleka as World AIDS day is marked

By Allan Kai

Sidi Mleka, a lady living with HIV, whose plight was highlighted by Gilitics Media earlier this year can breathe a sigh of relief after renovations to her worn down dwelling began on Tuesday.

After running a fundraising campaign to help renovate her house, as well as another lady’s house, Nyamvula Tsuma, who is also living with the virus, Gilitics Media, along with other well wishers managed to raise the amount that made it possible for the renovation of Sidi’s house.

The story was highlighted by Brian Osweta earlier this year, prompting Gilitics Media to run a fundraiser that managed to raise Sh.38540.

“As we commemorate World AIDS Day, we saw it fit to help those in the community with whatever little we have. Gilitics Media is a media company that acts as the voice for the common mwananchi, and this gesture shows how committed we are to this cause” said Mr. Osweta.

Mleka couldn’t hide her jubilation during the occasion. Saying that she “appreciates the effort that Gilitics Media has put in ensuring I have a decent place to live in and making sure my boys and I can finally have a place we can call our own.”

The contractor in charge of the renovations, Tom Ontita, who was touched by the story we shared offered his services to assist in the construction of the house.

“As a member of this community I feel I have a responsibility to assist wherever I can. I appreciate the effort of all who contributed and hope we can be able to raise more funds to help build Nyamvula a decent home as well” said Ontita.

The tentative budget for Nyamvula’s house is around Sh.113000. The fund raising is on going through paybill number 42990.

Mary Waceke, also a person living with the virus and a close friend to the two women, thanked the media house for the work they have done and for making it possible for the renovations to Sidi’s house.

“May God bless the work of these young men and women from Gilitics Media, the work they have put in to make sure these women have a good place to stay is commendable. To all those who assisted in whatever means in this project, may their pockets never lack” Waceke said.

The media house also donated Septrin medication to the women. there has been a countrywide shortage that has led to so many people Living with HIV having to go without the drugs.

Septrin medication which is taken alongside the ARV medication, is used as a prophylaxis to help fight opportunistic infections.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also brought challenges among most of the people living with HIV as most of the have lost their jobs, finding it hard to get a decent meal which is necessary for them.

As the world celebrates World Aids day with this year’s theme being ‘Ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic: Resilience and Impact, many hope the COVID-19 will no thwart the gains made so far in the fight against HIV.

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