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5 small business ideas; how to get started

By Eliazar Babu (GM Contributor)

Are you looking to start a business and need inspiration? Do you want to know exactly what is involved?

You’re not alone. Many people are drawn to the idea of starting a business, gaining independence and reaping the financial rewards; yet they’re unsure of how to best get started. Every business has its own unique needs – from education, training and skills required in addition to startup capital. This article walks you through a short list of achievable business ideas and explains the startup needs you should have to pursue each one.

Bear in mind the fact that it is essential to find a business opportunity you are passionate about – regardless of the startup requirements and costs – as you will likely be working on it around the clock, at least in the beginning.

Now for the fun part: Let’s explore new business ideas you may want to consider.

  1. Freelance Writer/Editor

This calls for all wordsmiths: People who can string words together eloquently can make decent money. Having a journalism degree may be helpful on your CV but you can also gain experience by taking on low-pay writing assignments from small publications. There are also plenty of ways to get business online, from signing up on LinkedIn to creating a portfolio on Contently to searching for projects on Upwork and Fiverr.

Startup needs: Writing and/or editing experience, a phone and a computer, stable internet connection and a passion for writing or for entrepreneurship (being a freelance writer automatically makes you a business owner).

Freelance writing is a broad subject. I will expound more on this another day in another article, hopefully.

  1. Professional Blogger

Are you witty and a great storyteller? You may want to publish a blog for a living. A blog is simply an online journal where the user can post entries of their stories and is usually arranged in reverse chronological order. Professional bloggers earn money either through selling advertising and affiliate marketing on their own blog or by getting paid to blog for another company or organization. Sounds cool, right?Working from home couldn’t get any easier. Demonstrate your writing prowess by publishing your own blog and building up several strong writing samples that show you’re able to engage an audience. All you need to get started is a computer and a strong vision for what your blog would include and who the target audience would be. The best site to use, in my opinion, is WordPress.

Startup needs: Blogging experience, a computer and internet connection.

  1. Proofreading Service

Do you love correcting grammar and punctuation? Being a proofreader may be your calling. Benefits include working from home and setting your own working hours. Startup costs are generally low – all you’ll need are a computer, grammar style guides (such as the latest referencing resources) and perhaps certain software programs used by your clients. You can promote your service on sites like Upwork, LinkedIn, and other places where prospective clients may look.

Startup needs: Computer, style guides, grammar proficiency and internet connection

  1. Graphic Designer

Whether you have a degree in design or just enough design experience, stayingabreast of all the latest design programs and trends is key. If you need a refresher, graphic design courses at local colleges can help. Designers with animation and web development experience typically have the most opportunities. Develop an attractive portfolio that showcases various samples of your best work to show off to prospective clients. You can network through business-networking groups and in places where businesses look for graphic designers – such as Upwork and LinkedIn.

Startup needs: Design software like Adobe Photoshop, portfolio of work and a computer.

  1. Podcast Producer/Editor

Podcasts remain an essential part of content marketing and can be a great niche for someone who wants to have a thriving content marketing business. This concept is getting traction among the youth of late. It all comes down to experience, and having a portfolio of existing work to sell your expertise to new clients. A professional website with examples of your best work is a MUST.

Startup needs: Expertise in interviewing, managing podcastsand podcast production, editing software, a strong portfolio of existing work which is displayed on your website; a computer.

Although every type of business has its own special considerations and essential startup needs, don’t forget that the cornerstone of entrepreneurship is innovation. You don’t necessarily have to follow in the footsteps of other established business owners in your industry – try something new.

Dream big, start small, start now.



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